Many orphanages exist to make money from the need of tourists and volunteers to help an orphan.

Many orphanages target tourist attractions and hot spots, hotels and guesthouses, restaurants and bars, handing out flyers, encouraging people to donate, or to visit their orphanages. Often they use the children to fundraise, handing out leaflets, or putting on dance shows, even at night and in entertainment areas. Some orphanages make payments to families of orphans, effectively ‘renting’ their children.

These organizations profit from the good intentions of donors and volunteers, and the vulnerability of poor children and their families.

Many of the most harmful orphanages offer “Free visits to our orphanage” or “Free orphanage dance shows” and through these “free” offerings, they are able to prey on the generosity and naivety of travelers, raising more funds that way than if they had charged a fee to see their dancing orphans.