Donate to organizations or interventions that support the family, that look to keep the family together, or which focus on re-integration or community-based care.

As a default, do not donate to an orphanage. If you do not feel that you are an authority in orphanage vetting and do not know the local area well, DO NOT DONATE TO AN ORPHANAGE. Check-in with an international body, such as UNICEF, and ask them for a list of family-based care organizations they support.

Unless you are a local social worker from or fluent in the country’s culture and language, or are volunteering in a non-child-facing communications or advocacy role, do not volunteer to work in an orphanage.

Discourage your hotel, guesthouse, tour guide, tuk-tuk driver, or anyone else from promoting orphanage tourism, and explain to them why.

Discourage your friends and family from supporting orphanages. Explain why, and suggest alternatives.